A downloadable tool for Windows

Tool for converting & exporting animations created with Clipnote Studio.


v2.2: fixed errors with spaces in paths causing crashes and MP4 issues, updated UI

v2.1: complete rewrite, new UI

v1.0: inital release, only use this if you have issues with newer versions

art in thumbnail by thebitsthebits

StatusIn development
Rated 3.7 out of 5 stars
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Tagsclipnote, tool


2.2 setup.exe 61 MB
2.2 standalone.zip 83 MB
1.0 [old] 21 MB


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i save it as mp4 and it doesnt open, any ideas why?

nvm fixed it, but anyways, cool! fun thing!

how did you fix it

Used a converter and converter the file into a mov


when I save as .clip it gets confused with clip studio files on my system, there´s something I can do about it?

it won't show the files when i try to upload them for conversion :/ it doesn't show any files...only folders :////

When I export it as an mp4 it doesn't let me play the video saying "unsupported encoding settings". How can I fix this?

just convert into an mov

works great for me, thank you! :)


when i try to save as mp4 it only saves the audio w everything black. when i save as .clip it gets confused with clip studio

Same. Did you ever find a solution for it?


this is very good tbh

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Works fine, why's everyone so mad?
You don't even need a good pc to use this..


Why does it keep saying a error with the app???


can you make a 32 bit version?

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For some reason none of the versions download, gives me a "download failed" message on both Microsoft Edge and Firefox.

It says it takes 30 minutes to download. It's actually 4 minutes, and you have to retry the download to get it to complete the download, its easy click on it a few times (try it in the Firefox browser)

But it doesn't run on my windows 10 computer.


I had this error :(  (trying to export to MP4 at 12 Fps)

had the same problem too

It always says as: "paperclip is not responding". I deleted and downloaded again, but it still has this error! Please help me.

yeah, same here

too much lagging

"A JavaScript error occurred in the main process."

[Exporting to GIF (11 frames / 18 fps)]

that error should be fixed now.

its not